Turn as fast as you can around each corner


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Turn is an arcade game where you have to try to get as far as possible by going through an endless maze full of turns. To turn at a corner, all you have to do is tap the screen at exactly the right moment. The problem is that if you tap the screen too early or too late, you'll lose a piece of your little cube. And the smaller your cube gets, the narrower the passages will get, too; so each time you turn, it will become more and more difficult.

Usually, each time you turn a corner, your cube and the passage will both get smaller. However, if you turn four corners perfectly in a row, then your cube will get a little larger (and the passage, too). But you'll need to have really good reflexes to do this successfully.

Turn is an arcade game developed by Ketchapp that offers exactly what you'd expect from the world-famous app publisher: a straightforward and addictive gameplay, with simple and lovely graphics.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher